We will enhance your freedom to choose

A modern society ought to revolve more around your choices rather than those of politicians in an ivory tower.

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Your choice is unjustly restricted

The reason why we exist

Our Vision

A 21st century bottom-up society that revolves much more around your personal judgement, free choice and unique individuality.

Government that treats you like an adult and is primarily concerned with – not one-size-fits-all solutions and greater regulation of your life – but with clearing obstacles, enhancing your freedom to choose and promoting your self-advancement as a more successful route to happiness and prosperity.

Our Mission

To defeat the stale, out-of-touch and self-interested mainstream political parties in elections throughout the country.

Foundation Party elected representatives will shape public policy around greater freedom, liberty and democracy.

Our Plan

We have a programme of exciting solutions to some of our biggest problems that will open new doors of opportunity for you and your family.

From radical school reform to a new national constitution, we will enhance your degree of choice and amplify your voice.


I believe free speech is essential for improving our lives. Our political class have abandoned the values that made us a leading nation.

This is why we desperately need something new and principled like the Foundation Party.

Robert Platt

Foundation Party member 

About the Foundation Party

We are the party of first principles defending our nation’s historic values and neglected foundations. Our aim is to revitalise our freedom, liberty and democracy.

Grassroots Movement

The party was born from the grassroots by ordinary citizens and will continue as such

National Party

Our membership spans across the country and we will stand in as many elections as we can

£20k donations cap

The party does not have, nor does it seek, millionaire donors – the party cannot be bought

Agree with us? Join the movement.

Brexit showed that when we unite... we can accomplish anything.

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About Us

Founded by grassroots campaigners, the Foundation Party is a UK registered political party working to offer an alternative direction of travel for the country.

We believe in greater freedom and liberty for the individual within a self-governing democratic nation. We offer a platform of radical self-empowerment suitable for the 21st century.

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