We will enhance your ability to choose

A modern society revolves around your choices rather than those of out of touch politicians

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Life is better with choices

We each live very different lives with different desires, talents and ambitions. The person in the end who knows which decisions are best for you, is you.

It’s time for a completely new emphasis in British politics that is fit for the 21st century.

We believe the primary goal of politics is not to impose decisions on you, but to maximise your ability to make your own.

Government is better when it listens

Too many of our politicians do not care about the thoughts and feelings of the people, only their own opinions and professional goals. 

The people are spoken to like children, rarely trusted with raw debate, and their wisdom expressed in election results challenged. In the age of information and digital connectivity, it is an outdated elitist culture that is offensive and unhealthy.

We will fight a long battle to establish inside our political institutions a more civilised and humble attitude because we believe the people are the masters, not the servants.

Where choice is in short supply

And why radical change is urgent

Our Vision

A confident bottom-up society shaped by the choices, innovation and good judgement of the people, with overriding government power that is cautious in nature, limited and robustly held in check, because the people are the masters, not the servants, and the true source of our success.

Party Vision Statement

Our Mission

To revitalise and defend freedom, liberty and democracy, the historic but neglected foundations of our country, as the surest and most reliable path to individual and collective happiness and prosperity.

Party Mission Statement


I believe in the wisdom and courage of the people, not the politicians, and today they have too much power while the people have too little.

Taxed to the hilt, over-regulated, our contrary opinions and referendum votes vilified, it’s high time we reined in the governing class and trusted the people to choose more freely and steer us all to a more inspiring place.

Chris Mendes

Leader of the Foundation Party

The Plan

For the Country

You should be free to choose how the country is governed.

We believe in independence and self-government so you can elect and un-elect those that make the laws that govern you.

Government spending and debt is out of control. Like any household, the country must live within its means. You should not pay for the irresponsibility of politicians.

For the Local Community

You should be free to choose how your community evolves.

Major decisions about your local area should not be made in Westminster. We have a plan for more local and tailored policy-making so you have your rightful say.

Above all you should feel safe. We must restore the visible police presence on our streets we once had.

For the Family

You should be free to choose what is best for your family.

We believe in the widest range and variety of school and college education, rejecting a state monopoly, so you the parent can freely choose the curriculum and environment for your children.

We want radical welfare reform to stop the trapping of people in poverty and free them to pursue a life on their own terms rather than on the government’s.

For the Individual

You should be free to exercise your inalienable civil liberties.

Never should you be persecuted, let alone prosecuted, for expressing a contrary opinion and risk causing offence. We believe in absolute freedom of speech.

We need a new voting system in order to strengthen the influence of your vote when choosing your representative.


I believe free speech and civilised debate is essential for improving our lives. Our political class have abandoned the values that made us a leading nation.

This is why we desperately need something new and principled like the Foundation Party.

Robert Andersen

Former Brexit Party election candidate and Foundation Party member 

About the Foundation Party

Our party motto – The people are the masters, not the servants – points to the fundamental change of attitude we need in society today.

We are the party of first principles defending our nation’s historic values and neglected foundations, underlining in particular freedom, liberty and democracy.

£20k donations cap

The party does not have, nor does it seek, millionaire donors – the party cannot be bought

National Party

Our membership spans across the country and we will stand in as many elections as we can

Grassroots Movement

The party was born from the grassroots by ordinary citizens and will continue as such

Conviction Party

We are conservatives and libertarians that emphasise freedom, liberty and democracy

A party of principle and conviction

Don’t know what the other parties stand for any more? Neither do we. But you won’t have that problem with us.

National Self-Government

Freedom of Speech

Free Enterprise/Free Trade

Strong National Defence

Early election wins – People have voted Foundation and you can help more do the same

  • Early experiment with basic resources saw the Foundation Party spectacularly defeat the Tories, Labour and the Liberal Democrats in local elections
  • We know the Foundation Party is a party that appeals to people and who are keen to vote for it
  • With your support we can expand our presence and accomplish the same wins throughout the country

(Video) Foundation Party election win reported on LBC during the May 2019 Local Elections (credit: LBC)

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About Us

Founded by grassroots campaigners, we are working to establish a new political force offering a genuinely alternative way forward for the country for the consideration of the people.

With politics so detached from the people, we are pro-Brexit and want radically empowered citizens. We especially value and vow to fight for national self-government, freedom, liberty and democracy.

Promoted by James Hunt on behalf of the Foundation Party at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ.