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Who we are, where we’ve come from and, with your help, what we aim to accomplish

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A good-hearted open and transparent grassroots initiative

Chris Mendes the Party Leader (right) and the Party Treasurer Gerald O’Brien (left).

We are a group of compassionate well-organised grassroots activists working within our own personal resources seeking to make a positive difference for our local communities and our country.

Between us we’ve been members and supporters of the Conservatives, Labour and the Brexit Party, having been parliamentary candidates, elected Councillors, and in one instance a member of the party’s senior management team.

However we have a strongly held view that the major political parties are no longer fit for purpose – either politically, professionally, or both.

The Foundation Party is a long-term project for building a serious platform for clear patriotic principles for like-minded individuals who believe that our country can do so much better.

We will be a party that you can wear on your sleeve and be proud to call home.

With politics so detached from the people, we want to reaffirm the importance of individual freedom, self-governance and democracy.

This means for example promoting the freedom of opportunity for individual self-advancement, free markets for businesses to thrive without excessive government interference, freedom for citizens to more adequately hold politicians to account, and the unrestricted freedom of speech for wide-ranging civilised debate.

We are staunch defenders of free market capitalism and fierce critics of socialism. We believe in reducing our national debt as a priority, and that free markets and free trade are the most effective proven means to create jobs and wealth for society.

Government should be limited and taxes should be relatively low, and as we leave the European Union we have a tremendous opportunity to advance this agenda.

We reject the modern false liberalism which prioritises group identity over individual merit. We value genuine equality of opportunity where properties such as gender and race are actually non-issues, as opposed to sources of virtue signalling and misguided positive discrimination.

Pro-Brexit, we want a free country and a better deal for the people

Meet the Party Leader

Chris Mendes

Chris Mendes, Leader of the Foundation Party

Declaring the major political parties not fit for purpose, Chris feels that the country is desperately missing a party, one that is more patriotic and genuinely at the service of ordinary people rather than themselves, and he is determined to lead a grassroots effort to build it.

Pro-Brexit, Chris believes profoundly in the importance of national self-government and democracy, and like so many, is shocked at the shameless lack of humility on the part of our politicians and the blatant disregard for the people they supposedly represent.

A passionate and action-oriented man, Chris is also a realist and recognises the audaciousness of starting a new political party. But he insists that through the emergence of new parties is ultimately the only way we are going to get a political class that is more in touch with the British people.

Meet the Team

Gerald O'Brien

Party Treasurer

Cllr Mary Lawes

Founding Member

Cllr David Hirst

Founding Member

Debbie Barwick

Founding Member

The castle for our emblem signifies a devotion to our nation’s heritage and a determination to see our strength and confidence restored.

We are called the Foundation Party because we seek to defend individual freedom, liberty and democracy – the historic but neglected foundations of present-day Britain, and re-assert these distinctly British values that made our country great in the first place.

Politicians in recent decades have wilfully chipped away at our traditional constitutional values such as our national independence, right to self-government, liberty, democracy, etc, as well as social and economic pillars such as education and criminal justice. They’ve taken what they’ve inherited for granted, introduced misguided idealism and demonstrated neither courage nor leadership in the areas that actually need it.

The Foundation Party is a patriotic party that wishes to reverse regressive political trends that have taken our country backwards, and expressly defend and champion the freedom, liberty and democracy.

Why a castle and why the “Foundation Party”?

Cap on donations – the party cannot be bought

A fresh new party must get the rules right from the beginning. No individual or organisation can donate over £20,000 within a given year.

We have no rich donors and nor do we seek them. The Foundation Party rejects the murky pattern of every major political party where rich individuals make huge donations in return for unjust and undemocratic influence over the party.

We value financial prudence and will live within our means based on the generous donations that our members and supporters may or may not choose to give over the course of time.


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About Us

Founded by grassroots campaigners, we are working to establish a new political force offering a genuinely alternative way forward for the country for the consideration of the people.

With politics so detached from the people, we are pro-Brexit and want radically empowered citizens. We especially value and vow to fight for national self-government, freedom, liberty and democracy.

Promoted by James Hunt on behalf of the Foundation Party at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ.