Key Personnel

An introduction to our top team

Chris Mendes

Party Leader

Chris is passionate about individual freedom and opportunity, the preservation of our heritage and British enlightenment values, and the cleaning up of our democracy and holding politicians properly to account.

Gerald O’Brien

Party Chairman

Known for his very calm and collected personality, Gerry’s job as the Chairman of the party is to oversee the internal workings of the organisation and ensure a smooth operation across the board.

Councillor Mary Lawes

Founding Member

Mary has been battling for her constituents in Folkstone in Kent since elected in 2015 and cares deeply about a range of issues such as adequate housing and preserving Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Councillor David Hirst

Founding Member

Due to his 17 years as an elected Councillor in Kent, David provides a clear insight into the disconnect between politics and people within local communities.

Debbie Barwick

Founding Member

Debbie is a small business owner in Canterbury. She has become more and more politically active in response to a continued lack of planning by her local Council to adequately support small businesses.


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About Us

We are a group of grassroots activists working within our own personal resources seeking to make a positive difference for our local communities and our country.

With politics so detached from the people, we are pro-Brexit and want a better deal for the people. We value in particular national self-government, the empowerment of citizens and individual freedom and opportunity.

Promoted by Gerald O'Brien, the Party Chairman, on behalf of the Foundation Party both at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ.

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