David Hirst

Founding Member

Now retired my love of democracy has driven me to serve for twelve years at Kent County Council. I still serve on Canterbury City Council on the opposition benches.

I left school at fifteen. I was and am a worker and as a child worked on a farm, mainly with cattle.  I worked briefly in a Brewery based in Guildford. The Brewery offered me an apprenticeship in the wine trade. I trained in London and then in New Zealand and Australia.

I travelled extensively in New Zealand, having discovered I was too young to work with alcohol. I worked in hospital morgues during the day and washed dishes by night to stay afloat financially. I moved onto work, back in the wine trade in Australia. I loved my work and enjoyed all asked of me. The Australian lifestyle fitted me like a glove. On the non existent Australian roads, fifty years ago, I explored desserts and mountains in my faithful 1948 Land Rover. I returned to UK and remained trading in wine for many years.

I married and have enjoyed a truly wonderful family life with a great wife, children and grandchildren. 

My diverse interests have taken me into exporting wines and spirits, logistics and distribution and building a farm and producing pigs. I have generally had a property renovation on the go as well. I am lucky to be a practical man who at one time drove daily in a car I built, from a house I made to an office I built.

I believe we need a new Party to unite the Country and enjoy the benefits of being a sovereign Nation.  We as a Nation must move on together, after all we have never been dull.

I firmly believe in speaking out for that which one believes in. Personally I never hesitate to do just that.

David Hirst

Founding Member

Elected Office: Councillor for Canterbury City Council, Greenhill Ward (until May 2019)

Party Experience: Foundation Party, Conservative Party, UKIP


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