Debbie Barwick

Founding Member

Debbie has been a small business owner in Canterbury for over 30 years. In addition to running a highly successful local business, Debbie has been a strong voice standing up for her fellow citizens on a range of issues effecting her community.

Passionate about defending traditional high street retailers, especially small independent traders, Debbie is a fierce opponent of high parking charges, reductions in public transport, and additional taxes on businesses such as the flawed Business Improvement Districts (BID).

In January 2014, Canterbury City Council experienced a severe backlash from local residents and a serious crisis ensued.

The sheer remoteness and insensitivity of the Council, on a range of issues, led to a public head-on collision with local residents when they stubbornly refused to listen and work with their concerns. Most notably, the Council ignored calls to halt an 18 month trial ban on vehicular traffic passing through Canterbury’s famous Westgate Towers, despite clear and extensive feedback that reported serious disruption and harm to local traders.

Debbie, along with Foundation Party Councillor David Hirst, was a key player in the campaign that in the end succeeded, not only in delivering the wake-up call that Canterbury Council needed, but also in changing their very system of government.

The previously adopted executive system was subsequently changed to what’s known as the committee system, which essentially brings about less secrecy and more openness and transparency throughout backbench elected Councillors and local residents.

Debbie giving an impassioned speech at Canterbury Council arguing for greater accountability and transparency in local government.

Another issue close to Debbie’s heart is mental health. Debbie was a Mental Health Act Manager at three local hospitals and her duties included chairing the committee. Mental health is an issue that effects millions of people and it should draw more national attention and government resources than it currently does.

A passionate ‘Brexiteer’, Debbie’s fondest political highlight of recent years was watching David Dimbleby on the BBC declaring live on television the victory of the Leave campaign at the end of the 2016 EU referendum with the phrase “The British people have spoken and the answer is – we’re out!“.

Outside of Politics

Revivals is a small independent vintage shop in Canterbury, opened in 1988, and Debbie has been running the shop ever since.

Born and bred in Canterbury, she started out as a telephonist working for a local department store. The Exchange Telegraph was Debbie’s next post where stop press news was released to the evening papers, and commentaries of all of the horse racing was relayed to local bookmakers. This was before televisions were allowed in betting shops and Debbie worked there for 14 years.

Debbie is a role model for adopting a positive attitude in life and for tackling problems head on. One of her favoured sayings is “A problem shared is a problem halved!“, thus not surprisingly, Debbie is a very highly valued member of the Foundation Party team.


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