(Audio) Jeremy Corbyn is self-evidently incapable of leadership – Leader

Party leader Chris Mendes has lambasted the Labour leader for his unsuitability for high office.

Jeremy Corbyn has not led the Labour party, the Labour party has led him. His commendable lifelong Eurosceptic views have been discarded and replaced with an enthusiasm for remaining in the European Union, and a plan to hold a second referendum as a means to arrange it.

Jeremy Corbyn is essentially a hostage within his own party on the subject of Brexit. He has struggled with Brexit from day one.

Chris Mendes, Party Leader

The Brexit Party

Also asked to comment on Nigel Farage in light of recent criticism, Chris came to his defence praising him for the public opposition to the EU that he has provided over many years, without which, the referendum would never have taken place.

Listen to Chris’ interview on the general election

Interview Transcript

Link to article published on the Sputnik News website including transcript – https://sputniknews.com/analysis/201911201077362992-for-all-his-faults-farages-campaigns-have-had-merit—-politician-/