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April 02, 2020

(Audio) Saving lives is priority, but lockdown is questionable – Leader

Party leader Christopher Mendes has said that the British Government must be prepared to walk away from the EU without a deal if need be.

Party leader Christopher Mendes has expressed doubt over whether the wrecking of our economy and trampling of civil liberties is either necessary, or a good idea.

The problem is that we have a parliament, which yet again has shown that it is unfit for purpose, it has failed to exercise its duty to provide any scrutiny or opposition…

It seems that when the government tramples on the personal opinions of MPs regarding membership of the European Union, they all seem to have so much to say and even an action plan of their own, but when the action plan of the government is to trample on the civil liberties of millions of people without limit, they have absolutely nothing whatsoever to say – and that is a disgrace.

Chris Mendes, Party Leader

Interviewed as originally published