Election 2019: Foundation will not split the Brexit vote

The Foundation Party, a party formed to fight for post-Brexit national renewal, will not contest this emergency General Election that will decide the fate of Brexit.

It is shocking and appalling that we enter into this election with only one of the three so-called ‘big parties’ committing to abide by democracy and implement the result of the 2016 EU referendum.

Both Labour and the Liberal Democrats wish to annul 17.4 million ‘Leave’ votes – the biggest vote for anything in the history of our nation – and ask those same people to vote again but this time for ‘Remain’.

If it were the case that each party committed unequivocally to implementing our exit from the European Union, and without the UK remaining institutionally attached to it, then this election would grant the freedom for us to debate other matters without fear of a prolonged crisis on the other side.

But because Brexit hangs in the balance with the real possibility of it being shamefully overturned, the last thing the situation needs is for fresh long-term parties to obtain pro-Brexit votes in any given constituency that arithmetically makes an anti-Brexit government more likely.

Now is not the time for the Foundation Party to make its general election debut.

The Future

While Labour and the Tories argue about executing power and the spending of our money, the future long-term role of the Foundation Party will be to argue for the return of much of this power and money to you, the people, so we can better direct the advancement of our own lives for ourselves.

The Foundation Party is an exciting campaign for greater choice and control in your individual, family and community life. We will aim to be the party of the ‘big debate’, and while Brexit has suffocated discussion on other matters for now, we look forward to ambitious cross-issue campaigning very soon as well as contesting future general elections.

We have already began our preparations for the 2021 county council elections and look forward to recruiting candidates and volunteers throughout 2020. If this is something you may be interested in, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at .