Launch of the Foundation Party

A new national political party from the grassroots – the Foundation Party – has launched today, acquiring two elected Councillors in the process, namely, Cllr David Hirst (Canterbury City Council) and Cllr Mary Lawes (Folkestone and Hythe District Council).

Stated on the party’s website at www.foundationparty.uk it says:

We can do better than keep our destiny in the hands of stale political parties that are out of touch and lack respect for the will of the people. Pro-Brexit, we want a free country and the radical empowerment of citizens.

The Leader of the Foundation Party Chris Mendes, based in Ashford, Kent, said:

Britain is one of the most principled societies in the world, yet it is governed today by a ruthlessly unprincipled culture where public relations is more important than principles and political correctness is more important than truthful debate.

New parties are needed to replace over time the existing ones that have failed. The Foundation Party is a new open and honest party from the grassroots that is patriotic, deep-rooted in common sense and ambitious for our country.

The Foundation Party are passionate about a range of issues, including:

  • National Independence and Self-Government
  • Robust Law and Order
  • Opportunity and Self-Reliance
  • Empowering Local Communities
  • Constitutional Reform
  • Freedom of Speech and Civilised Debate

We are an open and transparent party seeking to put principles, ethics and civilised debate back into our political process.

Among the party’s flagship policies are:

  • UK to leave the European Union completely to restore national self-government, with or without a deal with the EU
  • Direct police forces to prioritise preventative foot patrolling as they once did, and re-open many of the police stations which have been closed in recent years, to enhance police visibility and to deter crime
  • End the de facto decriminalisation of drug possession in the UK and seek to deter possession by punishing those caught with a £1,000 fine or 6 months imprisonment
  • Instruct the police and Crown Prosecution Service to abandon all enquiries into so-called “hate speech” incidents and focus on real crime instead
  • Make local authorities self-funding with a Local Sales Tax (replacing VAT) and devolve to them major powers such as policing, criminal justice and health
  • Radically expand the number of grammar schools and vocational schools for more tailored education and greater parent choice
  • Introduce a new proportional voting system that better reflects the will of the people at elections
  • Renew our Bill of Rights with an explicit guarantee for the freedom of speech without unreasonable restriction.

Party Chairman, Gerald O’Brien, said:

With our two largest political parties locked in internal warfare, I hear many people say they don’t want to vote for either of them. The Foundation Party will be a breath of fresh air. We want to put the ethics back into politics and make our democracy work for everyone.

Founding member and Canterbury City Councillor David Hirst said:

So much of that which we see, in Government, both at Westminster and locally is lacking in transparency, common sense, drive and initiative.

We desperately need fresh and lucid voices bringing common sense solutions. Foundation promises all that and more – a bold renewal to meet our challenging times.

Founding member and Folkestone and Hythe District Councillor Mary Lawes said:

Our communities are the backbone of this country and the Foundation Party will be the party for local communities. Our policy of devolving major powers to local authorities will give people greater choice on how they would like to see their communities evolve.

Safeguarding the party from undue influence by vested interests which plagues our major parties today, the Foundation Party operates a strict cap on donations. No person is permitted to donate more than £20,000 per year, and no person donating more than £10,000 per year can hold a senior position within the party.


Press Kit

Press Kit:  www.foundationparty.uk/press-kit


Contact Information

General Enquiries:  enquiries@foundationparty.uk

Website:  www.foundationparty.uk



Gerald O’Brien, Party Chairman – 07711 938517 – chairman@foundationparty.uk

Chris Mendes, Party Leader – leader@foundationparty.uk

Councillor Mary Lawes, Founding Member – mary.lawes@foundationparty.uk

Councillor David Hirst, Founding Member – david.hirst@foundationparty.uk

Debbie Barwick, Founding Member – debbie.barwick@foundationparty.uk