Forward, march! Party hires new Campaign Director

The Foundation Party is delighted to announce the appointment of Ben Truman as the party’s new Campaign Director.

Ben Truman, Campaign Director

Ben’s arrival is a substantial boost to the party’s campaigning prospects as a result of his experience managing one-off campaigns as well as long term projects for a number of political and non-political organisations.

Party Chairman James Hunt says, “Ben is a dedicated and hard-working individual who is just as determined as myself and the Party Leader to campaign and bring about a more bottom-up society which revolves around the individual’s choice, rather than those of the out of touch politicians.

I have complete confidence in Bens’ prior experience, grasp of strategy and excellent organisational skills”.

Role of the Campaign Director

The primary function of the Campaign Director will be to devise the party’s campaign strategies and plans, and oversee the execution of the party’s national campaign efforts.

Ben, as Campaign Director, will work in close collaboration with Chris Mendes, the Party Leader, to understand the party’s political priorities and objectives, and in close collaboration with the Party Chairman to understand the party’s administrative priorities and objectives.

Primary responsibilities include the party’s all year round voter outreach campaigns, membership drives, political research, event management and media liaison.

Success in the role will be demonstrated by well-defined strategies and campaigns, competent campaign management and a growth in supporters, voters and members as a result.