Seasoned Campaigner Joins as New Party Chairman


The Foundation Party has appointed seasoned grassroots activist James Hunt to the role of Party Chairman.

James’ arrival is a substantial boost to the party’s electoral prospects as a result of his experience managing local council and local general election campaigns, resulting in elected candidates, for both the Conservative Party and UKIP.

Chris Mendes

Chris Mendes

Party Leader


I am delighted that James has come onboard to advance our highly principled and ambitious party. We are both dedicated and hard-working individuals determined to establish a mainstream party of real opposition, a party that will oppose the self-serving careerist politicians in Westminster today, and bring about a more bottom-up and democratic society tomorrow.

I’ve no doubt James’ prior campaign experience, grasp of policy and top notch organisational skills will help the party succeed in its mission.

James, in his mid-twenties, becomes one of the youngest party chairmen in the country as he teams up with Chris Mendes, who in his mid-thirties is one of the youngest party leaders in the country.

This new youthful partnership at the top of the Foundation Party is an exciting chapter in the party’s history. The party seeks to appeal to voters across the board, including the younger generation who are especially eager to get involved and challenge the unprincipled, elitist and politically correct consensus in Westminster.

James Hunt

James Hunt

Party Chairman


I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with a forward-thinking innovative political party like the Foundation Party. I have always been incredibly frustrated, as so many are, by the unacceptable corrupt politics that dominates our country. Working side by side with Chris, we are going to do something about it and deliver a serious alternative.

Learning from the errors of other parties we’ve been involved with, amongst our internal priorities will be ethical party governance, full exploration of modern digital technology, and properly supporting the hard-working volunteers that fight for the party on the ground.

One of the party’s big projects behind the scenes that Chris and James are leading, is the preparation towards the Local Elections 2021. We are currently interviewing prospective candidates and ensuring they will have all the campaign materials they need. The Foundation Party’s local election campaign will challenge the wasteful spending, excessive debt and ever-increasing council tax whilst neglecting the basic services that local residents expect.

The party is enormously grateful to the service given by the previous Party Chairman, Gerald O’Brien, who was double hatting in two senior roles. Gerald will now focus on his role as Party Treasurer and the vital work of budgeting and supervising the party’s finances.

About the Foundation Party: The Foundation Party is a grassroots party campaigning to maximise national and individual freedom, liberty and democracy, the historic but neglected foundations of our country, as the surest path in the end to happiness and prosperity. National independence, lower taxation, greater choice in public services, political reform and freedom of speech are amongst our priorities. Please visit for more details.