We will enhance your ability to choose

Would you consider sending your child to a private school? Labour Party MPs send their children to private schools, but they don’t want you to have the same choice as they seek to abolish private schools.

Voted for something the Establishment doesn’t like, such as our exit from the European Union? Intolerant elitist politicians will lead a movement to overturn your choice.

Want to watch something on TV other than the BBC? It doesn’t matter. You have no choice but to pay the TV licence fee so the BBC can get paid.

Issue after issue the underlying cause of many of our avoidable difficulty and stress stems from politicians making choices on our behalf, trying to help one group of people over another, and often end up making problems worse for everybody.

The Foundation Party has a very different attitude. We believe that the primary objective of politics is not to impose decisions on you, but to maximise your ability to make your own. Because the person in the end who knows which decisions are best for you, is you.

Our New Campaign Focus

As our new website home page spells out, we will enhance your ability to choose.

Today we have refined and sharpened our core campaign. We are a party on the side of the people with a message of empowerment. We believe that a modern society revolves around your choices, rather than those of out of touch politicians.

We want government to focus on the basics and organise what we cannot individually, such as supporting the least well-off in society and protecting the environment, but for most of everything else, we are here to push politicians back and enhance your ability to choose.

A confident bottom-up society shaped by the choices, innovation and good judgement of the people, with overriding government power that is cautious in nature, limited and robustly held in check, because the people are the masters, not the servants, and the true source of our success.

Foundation Party Vision Statement

Whether its the reduction of your taxes so you keep more of your money and choose how more of it is spent, expanding the types of schools you can choose to send your children to including grammar schools, or defending your right to freedom of speech so you can choose freely how you wish to express yourself without fear of incrimination, we will fight to enhance your ability to choose.

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