What would you want from a new party?

Robust law and order? Controlled immigration? Lower taxes? What would you like to see a new political party stand for?

We are here as a new party for your consideration, but putting aside whether or not the Foundation Party appeals to you, we want to read about your thoughts and feelings on what our country needs.

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Source:  YouGov

Do you agree with our list?

Before we invite you to comment below, the following list is our ten core principles, as stated in our party’s constitution. Do you agree with them?

Foundation Party Core Principles

  1. National independence, sovereignty and right to self-government
  2. Low taxes, low borrowing and responsible management of the economy
  3. Limited government and more devolved powers to local government
  4. Robust policing and criminal justice as a means to punish and deter crime
  5. Equal opportunity to education, training and jobs throughout society
  6. Individual liberty and freedom of speech without unreasonable restriction
  7. Patriotism and a special devotion to our Armed Forces
  8. Global free trade in order to boost our economy and assist poorer nations
  9. Political reform for greater accountability and empowerment of citizens
  10. Civilised debate and treating those with whom we disagree with respect

The floor is yours. Comment below and tell us what you think!