Bring back foot patrols – Priority of the police is to prevent crime

To observe a police car rushing to the scene of a crime with flashing blue lights and a loud siren, is to observe an instance of failure.

Society’s ultimate policing objective is not to establish a well-resourced responsive fire brigade for crime scenes, but to prevent crime from occurring in the first place.

One of the central keys to preventing crime, severely de-prioritised in recent decades, is the visible presence of the police with preventative foot patrolling on our streets.

Vehicular patrols – currently over relied on by the police

In June 2016 Cambridge University published the results of a major criminology experiment, which took place in Peterborough, and it categorically demonstrated that targeted foot patrols reduce crime.

Furthermore, over 600 police stations have been closed since 2010 in the largest closure programme in policing history, and this has of course added to the lack of physical presence in our communities.

Today’s almost entirely reactive vehicular approach to policing is in my view, a mistake.

We need to restore community-centric preventative foot patrolling, targeting crime “hot spots” in particular, to more strongly deter would-be criminals and make communities feel genuinely safer.