(Audio) UK must be willing to walk away without deal – Leader

Party leader Christopher Mendes has said that the British Government must be prepared to walk away from the EU without a deal if need be.

Brexit is about self-government and the excessive regulation that comes from the EU – the lack of democracy, the lobbying by special interests, the decisions made in secret by unelected officials – the whole point of Brexit is to get away from all of that.

The UK cannot sign a deal which means that all of that still applies.

Christopher Mendes, Party Leader

EU’s budget without the UK

“How will the EU cope with the loss of British financial contributions to its budget?”

The EU’s glossy brochures tell us that it’s a nice happy family which agrees on everything – currency, trade, regulations, immigration, etc.

Actually, when it comes to the bottom lines – in terms of who pays what, or who takes in migrants from outside Europe for example – they all turn on each other very quickly … and that is the whole argument from our point of view, you cannot avoid that. You can surgically join each other by the hip, but the bottom line is that each country has their own conflicting interests, and that is the argument in favour of national self-government.

Christopher Mendes, Party Leader

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