Local Elections 2021

Wasteful and neglecting the basics – let’s give councils a wake-up call


Our Promise

We will install a fierce culture of financial responsibility – cutting the unacceptable waste, working to reduce the debt and re-focusing the council on the basics – such as  schools, social care and fixing the potholes on our roads – and then we will stand a chance of lowering our council tax.

Reckless with tax payers’ money – we will make councils deliver value for money

We will:

  • Tackle Serious Debt – Councils are wrong to incur serious unsustainable debt – such as Kent County Council’s £1 billion debt and over £118 million annual borrowing costs

  • Curb Excessive Salaries – Councils are wrong to pay their officers so much – sometimes well over that of the Prime Minister, and sometimes over £200,000

  • Stop Commercial Adventures – Councils are wrong to borrow millions, buy commercial properties it knows nothing about, risk losing millions and saddling local tax payers with the debt


  • End Wasteful Spending – Councils are wrong for example to mass purchase expensive and ineffective solar panels as a result of their locally declared “climate emergency” (rather than looking to national governments)

Our Promise

We will install a fierce culture of financial responsibility – cutting the unacceptable waste, working to reduce the debt and re-focusing the council on the basics – such as  schools, social care and fixing the potholes on our roads – and then we will stand a chance of lowering our council tax.

Example – Unacceptable £1 billion debt at Kent County Council

Council Spending 19/20

  • £543.5m – ADULT SOCIAL CARE
  • £118.3m – BORROWING COSTS
  • £86.3m – TRANSPORT
  • £68.5m – PUBLIC HEALTH
  • £41.4m – HIGHWAYS

Complete list available at kent.gov.uk

£118.3 million spent on borrowing costs last year

    • that’s 2.8 times more spent than on our HIGHWAYS
    • 1.7 times more than on our PUBLIC HEALTH
    • 1.4 times more than on our SCHOOLS & HIGH NEEDS
    • and 1.3 times more than on our TRANSPORT

    Can you imagine – local social care and health services more widely available, potholes on our roads fixed and highways better maintained, and the improvement of local buses and other transport – if those running the council had not plunged it into so much debt?

    A Foundation Party council will face the reality and get to work to reduce such disgraceful debt – so we can better fund essential services in the future.

    Councils – as elitist and out of touch as the EU – we will repair local democracy

    • Did you vote for that large housing development that will destroy your community’s precious green space?

    • Did you vote for that proposed tower block that will destroy the historic character of your community?

    • Did you vote for your council tax to keep going up and up?

    Too many decisions are made without the consent of the people that they affect.

    The mainstream political parties have formed self-serving cliques within local communities, rather than genuine and honest partnerships with the people who grant them their power and to whom the community belongs.

    Our Promise

    We will repair local democracy by introducing new standards of transparency and accountability, never act outside our democratic mandate, and hold more consultations and referendums on major decisions for a collaborative two-way partnership.


    It’s time complacent and arrogant Tory and Labour councils were given a wake-up call.

    The Foundation Party is here to stand with the people and install overdue responsibility, transparency and efficiency in local government.

    Christopher Mendes

    Leader of the Foundation Party

    Our key pledges – back to basics and better value for money

    Reduce council tax and keep it as low as possible (where councils are not suffering from a severe debt crisis)

    New culture and continuous effort inside councils to eliminate wasteful and ineffective spending, and plan for urgent reduction of serious and unfeasible council debt

    Curtail excessive council officer pay well over that of the Prime Minister’s, e.g. “Corporate Directors” on £200,000+

    End reckless and irresponsible purchasing of commercial properties by inexpert councillors playing at business

    Protect spending on adult and children’s social care, funding for schools and local health services

    Referendum on any major planning decision that cannot be swiftly undone at the next election

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    Stand for change and make a difference in your community

    Becoming a councillor grants you the opportunity to champion the needs of your fellow residents, hold politicians to account and bring about change you can be proud of forever.


    How the party will support you as a candidate

    We will make sure you have everything you need.

    First time standing as a candidate? No problem. We will provide the proper guidance and resources for executing a successful campaign in your local area.


    Experienced councillors and campaigners on hand to answer your queries and guide you

    Personalised Materials

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    Practical guidance on how to plan and executive your election campaign on the ground


    Thorough help with the relevant paperwork and processes for standing in the election

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    If you feel the same way as we do and want to help to get a better deal for the people, then we would love to hear from you.

    The Foundation Party wishes to recruit passionate like-minded individuals who want to do something, rather than be something.

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    Gerald O'Brien

    Gerald O'Brien

    Steering Committee


    I’m standing because I believe in democracy and accountability. Councils are out of touch and it’s time for a change of attitude.

    Cllr Mary Lawes

    Foundation Party 2021 Election Candidate

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