We will enhance your freedom to choose

Let’s shape society more around your choices rather than those of politicians in an ivory tower.

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Your choice is unjustly restricted

The reason why we exist

Labour and Conservatives are elitist and out of touch

Tax burden at a 70 year high and monopoly power in vital areas such as education and healthcare, and yet the Establishment’s record on these services and more is truly woeful.

It doesn’t matter how much they tax and borrow, nothing improves if they keep doing the wrong thing.

In the 21st century, we should withdraw mediocre one-size-fits-all solutions from above, localise major decision-making and enhance your freedom to choose.

Just £10 yearly or £1 monthly.

The Foundation Party

The people are the masters, not the servants

Our party motto (above) points to the fundamental change of attitude we need.

A modern society revolves around your choices rather than those of politicians sitting in an ivory tower.

We believe in the freedom to choose. We want to enhance your degree of choice and amplify your voice.

Just £10 yearly or £1 monthly.

Choice in Govt Services

21st century public services tailored to your unique needs

Lower/Fewer Taxes

A more free and productive bottom-up economy


Permanent national independence outside the EU

Free Speech

Constitutional protection of information, ideas and opinions


The digital revolution has empowered people like never before. But politicians are stuck in the past.

We need a 21st century agenda that prioritises, not government one-size-fits-all solutions, but freedom and choice.

Chris Mendes

Chris Mendes

Party Leader, Foundation Party

What Prioritising Your Choice Looks Like

Foundation Party policies

Just £10 yearly or £1 monthly.


I’m an elected Foundation Party councillor  because I believe in democracy and greater accountability.

The main parties too often take the people for granted. Too many councils waste our money and run services poorly – if they haven’t bankrupted them. It’s time for a change of attitude.

Cllr Mary Lawes

Cllr Mary Lawes

Foundation Party Councillor (Folkestone, Kent)

People have voted Foundation and you can help more do the same

Like during our stunning victory over the Conservatives featured in the video (right), we know people will vote for the Foundation Party when given the chance.

With your support we can expand our presence and accomplish the same wins throughout the country.

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