We won our independence – let’s ensure we keep it.

We must fortify a new long-term party to stop the inevitable ‘Rejoin’ campaign when it comes.

Only a fresh principled party can truly represent those who believe in independence

  • For years all mainstream political parties supported EU membership – including most MPs during the  2016 referendum
  • When the ‘Rejoin’ campaign comes, no mainstream party can convincingly oppose what they in truth fundamentally agree with

The Foundation Party is the principled patriotic party that believes in and will defend our right to self-government and democracy.

We Have the Power to Keep Britain Free

What we can do together

We must:

Establish a strong principled party that will repel the ‘Rejoin’ campaign when it comes

Start the debate around a new constitution that better protects our sovereignty

Elect patriotic local representatives who will always stand up for self-government and democracy

The Foundation Party

The people are the masters, not the servants

Our party motto (above) points to the fundamental change of attitude we need.

A modern society revolves around your choices rather than those of politicians sitting in an ivory tower.

We believe in the freedom to choose. We want to maximise your degree of choice and amplify your voice.


Permanent national independence outside the EU

New Constitution

No loss of sovereignty ever again without a referendum first

Free Speech

Constitutional protection of information, ideas and opinions

Choice in Govt Services

21st century public services tailored to your unique needs

What Prioritising Freedom Looks Like

Foundation Party policies


I’m an elected Foundation Party councillor  because I believe in democracy and greater accountability.

The main parties too often take the people for granted. Too many councils waste our money and run services poorly – if they haven’t bankrupted them. It’s time for a change of attitude.

Cllr Mary Lawes

Cllr Mary Lawes

Foundation Party Councillor (Folkestone, Kent)

People have voted Foundation and you can help more do the same

Like during our stunning victory over the Conservatives featured in the video (right), we know people will vote for the Foundation Party when given the chance.

With your support we can expand our presence and accomplish the same wins throughout the country.

Sign up today and give a fresh alternative a chance

Your support today will make real change in the future more likely.

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