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A modern society revolves around your choices rather than those of out of touch politicians

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Life is better with choices

We each live very different lives with different desires, talents and ambitions. The person in the end who knows which decisions are best for you, is you.

It’s time for a completely new emphasis in British politics that is fit for the 21st century.

We believe the primary goal of politics is not to impose decisions on you, but to maximise your ability to make your own.


I believe the Establishment is stuck in the last century. Just look at how we conduct much of our affairs today thanks to digital technology.

We need a modern emphasis on innovation and choice throughout our economy and public services.

Chris Mendes

Party Leader

More Public Choice

From choosing amongst a wider range of schools regardless of wealth, to escaping a life trapped on welfare, expanding your opportunities in life is at the heart of our ambition.

We will drag Parliament into the 21st century and embrace competition and innovation to raise standards across our public services.

More Economic Choice

While our short-sighted political class continues to borrow more money, inflate the national debt and raise our taxes, we advocate a more dynamic bottom-up approach.

Cutting taxes, government waste and counter-productive rules on industry, we will value the apparent wisdom of politicians less and value the innovation and hard work of the people more.

More Democratic Choice

The Establishment has too much power and the people have too little. We need radical new rules to put the British people in the driver’s seat.

Whether it’s preventing politicians from surrendering our national sovereignty again without our permission, or empowering the people to trigger a referendum when necessary, we will repair and upgrade our democracy.

Our Vision

A modern bottom-up society revolving much more around the free choice, innovation and judgement of the people.

Government that treats people like adults and is primarily concerned with - not greater control over our lives - but with clearing obstacles and promoting self-advancement for everyone in our country as a more successful route to happiness and prosperity.

Party Vision Statement

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Brexit showed that when we unite... we can accomplish anything.

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About Us

Founded by grassroots campaigners, the Foundation Party is a UK registered political party working to offer an alternative direction of travel for the country.

We believe in greater freedom and liberty for the individual within a self-governing democratic nation. We offer a platform of radical self-empowerment suitable for the 21st century.

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