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We fought to defend democracy – let’s renew it for the 21st century

Simply having elections now and again isn’t enough.

Openness, transparency and democratic consent are vital to a healthy democracy.

Politicians have betrayed our trust time and time again. We need new rules that limits their power and puts the people well and truly in the driver’s seat.

Key objectives of democratic reform

The changes we urgently need

Key policies for repairing our democracy

‘Sovereignty Lock’

We will introduce legislation that prevents Parliament from trading away sovereignty without a referendum first.

Parliament will not be permitted to dilute our capacity for self-government again without the direct consent of the people first.

Proportional Representation

We will change our election voting system to one that elects MPs proportionately to the votes cast.

The current voting system protects the ‘big two’ parties. We will open up the possibilities for voters at the polling station.

Devolution to Counties / Cities

We will devolve major powers such as health, education, housing, policing and criminal justice down to counties and cities.

One size does not fit all. We envisage more tailored policy-making within local communities and greater accountability.

Free Speech Protection

We will introduce a Freedom of Speech Act to guarantee this basic right goes unviolated.

Incitement of lawless action will not be protected, but the free flow of information, ideas and opinions, offensive or not, will.

Petition-Triggered Referendums

To decide a constitutional matter, the people will have the power to trigger a referendum.

Referendums on such serious matters will no longer be a tool for cynical politicians, but a core component of our democracy.

Elected House of Lords

We will abolish an unelected House of Lords and introduce an elected second chamber.

A House of Lords stuffed with government appointees is not justifiable in the 21st century.

And something that must never change…

National Self-Government

We will never recommend rejoining the European Union.

The United Kingdom must remain a free, independent and democratically self-governing country in full control of its own laws and its own future.


Never again should Parliament be free to render the country less independent without the express, unambiguous and continued consent of the British people.

Chris Mendes

Leader of the Foundation Party

The Plan

Public Choice

Across our public services, enhancing your ability to choose is at the heart of our ambition.

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Cutting your taxes and removing barriers in your way, we want to make your life easier.

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Democratic Choice

The politicians have too much power. We need radical new rules to put the people in the driver’s seat.

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Founded by grassroots campaigners, the Foundation Party is a UK registered political party working to offer an alternative direction of travel for the country.

We believe in greater freedom and liberty for the individual within a self-governing democratic nation. We offer a platform of radical self-empowerment suitable for the 21st century.

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