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The people create our nation’s wealth, not politicians

Endless rules and regulations that slow the growth of our businesses and a vast swathe of ever-increasing taxes – we need a break.

Politicians insist that the more schemes they invent, the better off we will be. In truth, they often address problems they created in the first place and in the end do more harm than good.

We must reduce government bureaucracy and barriers, and allow our economy to flourish more from the bottom-up.

Key objectives of economic reform

The changes we urgently need

Key policies for unlocking our economy

Land Value Tax – Replacing All Other Taxes

Land value increases over time because of investment by the local community. This should be taxed and paid back to the community as society’s principal tax.

No more Income Tax, Council Tax, Corporation Tax, etc. What you earn through your labour and productivity is yours to keep.

Fewer Rules Over Your Business

Excessive regulation is the new nationalisation. Recent governments have opted, not to own companies, but to heavily regulate them to have the influence without the responsibility.

We must minimise misguided government command and control, and eliminate huge unnecessary costs for millions of businesses.

Visa Auction Immigration System

We will abolish the current points-based immigration system and adopt a smarter approach with visa auctions.

Employers purchasing visas for foreign nationals will mean companies in the real world will more productively determine who should work in the UK, not bureaucrats in Westminster.

Trade bloc with Canada, Australia and New Zealand

Known as “CANZUK”, we support this proposal for closer ties with these countries of the Commonwealth.

The free movement of goods, services and workers between English-speaking nations with a shared heritage and culture would be beneficial for all.

Global Free Trade

There is no more effective way to reduce the cost of vital goods and services for everyone, including the poorest, than to cut tariffs and other restrictions on international trade.

We will unilaterally cut tariffs and pursue trade deals that would reduce trade barriers on both sides.

Reduced National Debt

The people are expected to live within their means and so should the politicians.

We will ensure borrowing and the over £2.2 trillion national debt is reduced. It is immoral, in our view, to pass such huge debt and its interest rates onto future generations.


I believe a tax on unearned wealth – such as the value of land, improved thanks to the investment of others – is morally superior to a tax on earned wealth such as your labour.

You should keep 100% of your earned income.

Chris Mendes

Leader of the Foundation Party

The Plan

Public Choice

Across our public services, enhancing your ability to choose is at the heart of our ambition.

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Economic Choice

Cutting your taxes and removing barriers in your way, we want to make your life easier.

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Democratic Choice

The politicians have too much power. We need radical new rules to put the people in the driver’s seat.

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