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Modernising our public services for the 21st century

We believe that public services should be tailored to your unique needs as much as possible.

While everybody must have access to the essential services they need regardless of wealth, we will make radical changes that will improve the performance of these services for everyone.

Instead of the typical one-size-fits-all approach, you and your family should be free to choose what’s best for you.

Key objectives of public services reform

The changes we urgently need

Key policies for modernising our public services

School Choice

We will introduce a radical new school system and grant poorer kids greater access to private schools.

Schools will receive funding from the spending of parent-issued vouchers and will thus be incentivised to improve their offering.

Grammar Schools

We will repeal the rules that currently prevent the establishment of new grammar schools.

The evidence shows that grammar schools have helped the poorest and parents should be free to make this choice.

Guaranteed Income

Replacing an overly-complex and stressful benefits system, we will simplify welfare and guarantee a minimum income.

Freeing individuals from the ‘welfare trap’, we will introduce a Negative Income Tax to ease one’s pathway into work.

Scrap the TV Licence Fee

We will abolish this last century television poll tax.

The BBC will be moved to a subscription model. Those who wish to consume the BBC will be free to subscribe and fund the BBC. Those that do not will not be forced to do the same.

More Visible Community Policing

Nothing destroys one’s basic freedom than the threat or the presence of undeterred crime.

We will refocus police forces on their original mission of preventing crime, primarily by radically expanding visible foot patrols, rather than merely reacting to it.

Healthcare Reform

Please be advised that we are still finalising our healthcare policy. We will endeavour to publish this policy soon.

The Plan

Political Reform

The politicians have too much power. We need radical new rules to put the people in the driver’s seat.

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Public Services

Across our public services, enhancing your ability to choose is at the heart of our ambition.

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The Economy

Cutting your taxes and removing barriers in your way, we want to make your life easier.

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Founded by grassroots campaigners, the Foundation Party is a UK registered political party working to offer an alternative direction of travel for the country.

We believe in greater freedom and liberty for the individual within a self-governing democratic nation. We offer a platform of radical self-empowerment suitable for the 21st century.

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