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We wish to communicate openly with journalists covering the Foundation Party. Our press kit area below provides the information and materials we think you will need such as logos and high-res images.

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Party Overview

Who we are and what we are offering in a nutshell.

Who and Why

  • Why we exist – To provide a genuine alternative to the Lab/Lib/Con consensus of high taxes and huge spending. To offer a platform of radical self-empowerment and less government intervention. To reduce restrictions in the economy and public services, and enhance one’s freedom to choose, as well as to oppose prevailing so-called ‘identity politics’ and attacks on free speech.
  • Who we are – Politically active ordinary citizens operating entirely within modest membership fees and small donations. Founding members based in Kent and are ex-members of major parties.

Vision Statement

“A 21st century bottom-up society that revolves much more around your personal judgement, free choice and unique individuality.

Government that treats you like an adult and is primarily concerned with – not greater regulation of your life – but with clearing obstacles and promoting your self-advancement as a more successful route to happiness and prosperity.

Mission Statement

“To defeat the stale, out-of-touch and self-interested mainstream political parties in elections throughout the country.

Foundation Party elected representatives will shape public policy around greater freedom, liberty and democracy.

Flagship Policies


  • New Constitution and Bill of Rights – A new constitutional settlement to ensure national sovereignty is never again transferred to overseas authorities without the proper consent of the people, to repair local democracy and to protect basic liberties such as freedom of speech.
  • School Choice – Radical school reform where parents (rather than schools) are funded directly with school vouchers who are then free to choose which school to send their child, thus improving school access for poorer kids and improving school standards as a result of increased competition.
  • Guaranteed Income – Replacing the benefits and Universal Credit system, an income-based welfare credit (known as a Negative Income Tax) via HMRC to the tune of a very basic salary – reduced as your earned income increases – is a simple system that eliminates inefficient bureaucracy and stress whilst tackling the ‘welfare trap’.
  • Land Value Tax (LVT) – Taxing the value of land (not properties) becomes the country’s principal tax, abolishing nearly all other taxes. Land value increases over time thanks to the investment of the community. An LVT means taxing unearned wealth, rather than earned wealth.
  • Self-Government / Brexit – ‘No’ to rejoining the European Union in favour of remaining a free, independent and self-governing nation (founding members were active ‘Leave’ campaigners).


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About Us

Founded by grassroots campaigners, the Foundation Party is a UK registered political party working to offer an alternative direction of travel for the country.

We believe in greater freedom and liberty for the individual within a self-governing democratic nation. We offer a platform of radical self-empowerment suitable for the 21st century.

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