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The primary but not exclusive areas of focus for our party

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Independence and Self-Government

Regardless of the economic comfort blanket advocates of the European Union offer, history shows that in the end there is no more reliable pathway to happiness and prosperity for a nation than following the principles of freedom and democracy. Never again should these values become commodities.

Robust Law and Order

The primary role of the police ought to be to patrol the streets and enforce the law. We need to focus more on preventing crime, rather than merely reacting to it, and we should start with a criminal justice system that is genuinely tough on crime and determined to deter it.

Empowering Local Communities

Decision-making is best done closer to the people that it will effect. We want to devolve a wide range of powers downwards to local authorities and create real local government and enrich local democracy. We want citizens to have an enhanced voice in shaping their communities.

Opportunity and Self-Reliance

As fellow citizens we must never fail to assist the most needy in society. But our focus should be on removing barriers and allowing individuals to freely express and uplift themselves, rather than form an unhealthy long-term dependency on big government and the rest of society.

Cleaning Up Westminster

Democracy is not merely a standing achievement written in a history book, but a functioning machine that requires continuous supervision, and now and again, an intervention. Millions of people today rightly reject politics and the democratic process. Work to repair our democracy must begin.

Freedom of Speech and Civilised Debate

Despite practically giving birth to the idea of individual liberty in the first place, our country today is quickly slipping towards grotesque neglect for the basic freedoms that underpin our historic society. The right of every citizen to free speech must not only be acknowledged but resolutely defended.


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About Us

Founded by grassroots campaigners, we are working to establish a new political force offering a genuinely alternative way forward for the country for the consideration of the people.

With politics so detached from the people, we are pro-Brexit and want radically empowered citizens. We especially value and vow to fight for national self-government, freedom, liberty and democracy.

Promoted by James Hunt on behalf of the Foundation Party at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ.