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Policies Currently Under Review

Please be advised that we are currently undergoing a major policy review, and the policy manifesto below is subject to change in the near future.

Defence and International Affairs

Exiting the European Union

The Foundation Party believes that leaving the European Union, whilst remaining friends and allies with EU member states, is a positive and truly progressive action for our country.

Leaving the EU will restore our political freedom, economic autonomy and various international relations as we re-engage with the rest of the world.

We would:


  • Aim to secure a Free Trade Agreement with the EU, as well as with other nations around the world, covering goods and services in the interest of frictionless trade
  • Repeal any agreement that resulted in continued membership of EU institutions with legal or political supreme authority over the UK
  • Categorically rule out a ‘second referendum’. Asking the people to reconsider so soon would alienate the electorate even further, besmirch our democracy and undermine our standing in the world

Foreign Policy

Now is Britain’s opportunity to position herself as a global leader once again.

The United States is currently concerned primarily with a domestic “America first” agenda, and the European Union is as inward looking and protectionist as ever.

Given our unique history as well as our recent decision to leave the European Union, Britain is well placed to carry the flag for nation-state democracy, freedom and liberty, and increased free trade throughout the world.

We would:


  • Seek an increase in alliances with middle-sized countries and play a leading role in promoting freedom and democratic principles
  • Instigate and lead an international effort to increase mutually beneficial global free trade that would also benefit many third world countries
  • In the interest of promoting liberty, freedom and democratic self-government, publicly urge other EU member state governments to grant their citizens a chance to have their say on EU membership
  • We would be reluctant to enter into future military conflicts and we question the achievements in recent years in countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya


The Government’s first duty is to defend and protect its citizens.  To do this we need a well-resourced, properly manned and fit-for-purpose defence capacity.

The terms of our NATO membership require us to spend 2% of GDP on defence.  That is a bare minimum and we need to spend more if Britain is to fulfil the global role we aspire to.

We would:

  • Fully acknowledge the Armed Forces Covenant and commit to support our Armed Forces and their families, now and forever, for all they have done for the nation
  • Explore initiatives for the resettlement of Armed Forces veterans back into civilian life such as housing, education, training and job seeking
  • Legislate to prevent the prosecution of veterans for actions they undertook in good faith while they were in the service of the Crown
  • Increase the numbers of personnel in our armed forces to ensure they are adequately resourced to face current and emerging threats
  • Retain our nuclear deterrent
  • Increase our capability to operate in an era of 21st century technology, for example robotics, drones and cyber warfare


Leaving the European Union means substituting membership of a backwards-looking protectionist club with the exciting prospects of engaging freely with the economies of the wider world.

EU membership has meant buying and selling goods at highly inflated prices. Switching to global prices without the EU’s tariff barriers will mean lower prices.

Goods such as food, clothing and footwear will be cheaper, and these items are the very items that top the list of household expenditure for low income families.

We would:

  • Seek to strike free trade agreements with the Commonwealth countries and major trading nations such as the United States, China, Japan and Brazil
  • Engage in an international co-operative effort to reduce tariff barriers worldwide
  • Adopt a system of mutual recognition as opposed to EU-style common standards in relation to regulations and professional qualifications
  • Build a new Royal Yacht Britannia not only for state visits but specifically as a mobile trade fair

Overseas Aid

The Foundation Party wants to help lift people out of poverty through trade not aid. We will support programmes that prioritise clean water and sanitation, vaccinations and disaster relief.

We cannot support taxpayers’ money being sent to countries which are thriving economically, countries with poor human rights records and supporting vanity projects.

 We would:


  • Repeal the legislation requiring the UK to spend 0.7% of GNI on overseas aid
  • Remove barriers to trade since this is a far more effective way to tackle poverty than giving aid handouts
  • Scrutinise all future aid to ensure the money is well directed and controlled and not lost to corruption

Infrastructure and Frontline Services

Crime and Justice

Our politically correct police forces are failing to prevent crime and keep our communities and homes safe.

Despite years of endless politicians at elections proclaiming “toughness” on crime, we are far from it.

Police visibility on our streets is at an all time low, gatherings of thugs intimidating peaceful families are allowed to roam, and those caught in possession of destructive illegal drugs are free to go unpunished. But those caught in possession of an opinion that has hurt somebody’s feelings on the other hand, are prosecuted swiftly.

It’s time for our police and criminal justice system to get their priorities right. They should focus on real crime and primarily on the deterrence of criminal intent in the first place.

We would:

  • Retrain and assign large numbers of police officers towards highly visible preventative foot patrolling, targeting crime ‘hot spots’ in particular, as a means to deter crime and protect communities
  • Reopen many of the police stations that have been closed in recent years so as to enhance police visibility and help restore public confidence
  • Advocate tougher sentencing regimes and amplify the threat of imprisonment as the powerful deterrent it is
  • End the de facto decriminalisation of drug possession. Those caught in possession of illegal drugs for personal use ought to be cautioned on a first offence, fined £1000 and given a criminal record on the second, and arrested and sentenced to 6 months in prison on each offence there onwards
  • Undertake a radical crackdown on the smuggling and consumption of drugs in prisons
  • Tackle the growing practice of carrying lethal weapons with a zero-tolerance policy on the possession and use of knives, guns and chemicals
  • Instruct police forces to abandon all investigations into so-called ‘hate speech’ and focus on real crime instead


The current over-emphasis on the one size fits all approach to education via comprehensive schools is damaging the potential of our children and it’s time for radical change.

We believe in academic selection, greater choice for parents and the establishment of a wide range of schools such as grammar schools, comprehensive schools, technical schools and other specialist schools.

This means we will be better able to identify academically gifted children and children with specific interests, and subsequently tailor their education closer to their abilities and potential.

Vocational education is key and must be combined with relevant and up-to-date apprenticeships leading to real career opportunities.

We would:


  • Repeal the current ban on establishing new grammar schools and encourage the re-introduction of several hundred new grammar schools throughout the country
  • Continue to encourage the establishment of academies as a means to provide specialisation within the education system
  • Address the unacceptable lack of basic numeracy and literacy skills among children and adults by re-enforcing their importance and increasing resources from nursery through to primary and secondary school
  • Encourage university students to aspire to qualifications our society needs, e.g. medicine, mathematics, science, technology and engineering, by refunding course fees in these subjects to students who work in the UK for five years after graduating


Immigration has spiralled completely out of control in recent years and post-EU referendum there is a clear consensus to bring immigration back under control.

There has been no responsible management regarding the degree by which the population has grown versus how much we can accommodate as a nation. And we also have not had an effective mechanism to measure accurately current immigration levels.

We advocate a points based system as the Australian government operates. The Border Force should be properly resourced to ensure that those who arrive without valid documentation are refused admission.

Legislation should ensure that:


  • People coming to this country would be required to have a valid passport, a valid visa and valid health insurance for the duration of their stay. Universal credits and NHS services would be available to those with five years residency
  • Opening a bank account, buying or renting property, securing a driving licence, acquiring a contract to use a mobile phone device and accessing the internet would require the possession of a valid British passport (or other proof of identity) or a valid foreign passport and a valid visa
  • Any non-British passport holder who marries a British citizen will require a current passport, valid visa and valid health insurance to enter this country. They may then apply for leave to remain and British citizenship while they are in the country


Demand for housing currently far exceeds supply and this is due in part to a growing population, as well as, low levels of house building.

Much of the nation’s stock of social housing has been sold to tenants under the “right to buy” scheme and Councils and housing associations have not been able to replace this stock.

The high demand for starter homes has fuelled spiralling prices putting these homes out of the reach of many first-time buyers.

We would:

  • Reduce the demand for housing by reducing levels of immigration and imposing a residency qualification of 5 years on foreign nationals wishing to buy property in the UK
  • Legislate to allow Councils to build and retain Council owned social housing
  • Continue to offer incentives to utilise brownfield sites for housing
  • Review all building regulations with a view to maintaining and improving further higher build quality and greater fire safety
  • Improve owner/purchaser/tenant experience when buying, selling and renting property by regulating all estate agents and letting agents and setting required standards


We believe in an NHS free at the point of delivery. However it is a national health service, not an international health service, so health tourism by non-UK nationals must be brought to an end.

Instead of celebrating the continued plundering of much of the world’s medical practitioners to build our NHS workforce, we would prioritise a radically increased capacity for training our own doctors and nurses.

Early action should:


  • Provide additional training places for student doctors, nurses and midwives, and reimburse student fees for those who work in the NHS for five years after qualifying
  • Bring medical care and social care together under the control of the NHS
  • End the use of Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contracts that have bled the NHS of much-needed funds, as short-term borrowing has cost the NHS billions in repayments
  • Curtail the litigation against the NHS, which costs billions of pounds every year. The NHS should only be liable for criminal negligence


Our country’s transport network has been developed piecemeal and he time has come for an integrated approach to transport by air, sea and land. On land, the railways, motor transport, cycling and pedestrians all cry out for a holistic approach.


  • Airports, both in the London area and in the provinces should be expanded and provided with improved access by rail and road
  • Increased investment in the railways would improve the infrastructure, increase journey opportunities and allow the re-opening of closed lines. HS2 should be scrapped to provide the funding
  • Investment in new road schemes is required. We would abandon the rollout of so called smart motorways since removing the hard shoulder is hazardous
  • We support the move to electric vehicles and we would encourage the provision of charging points at all fuel stations, shopping centres and car parks


Britain’s green and pleasant land is under threat and must be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Building on land designated as green belt and building on prime agricultural land should be countenanced only in extenuating circumstances. The presumption must be that brownfield land should be developed first.

We would:


  • Make major changes to the National Planning Policy Framework, for example by annulling the presumption in favour of sustainable development and the requirement for planning authorities to build set numbers of homes
  • Create a new planning policy to protect in perpetuity all national parks, areas of outstanding natural beauty, heritage, woodlands, Sites of Special Scientific Interest and water resources (aquifers and rivers)
  • Require businesses to reduce the amount of plastic packaging they use. Where plastic has to be used it should be biodegradable. Local authorities will be required to devise more efficient ways of recycling all kinds of plastics


[Content inserted here.]

Government, Civil Rights and Democracy

Local Government

Decisions are often best made closer to the people they will affect, especially areas of policy that are essentially of local concern.

We want to radically empower communities by shifting responsibility for major areas of government from the national Government to local authorities.

Councils should be entirely self-funding rather than dependent on government targeted grants in order to end the ‘backseat driving’ of local policy by national government.

We would:


  • Transfer the same powers devolved to the Scottish Government to local County Councils throughout the rest of the UK
  • These powers include for example health, housing, education, criminal justice, planning, the environment and sport
  • Scrap the Department for Communities, Housing and Local Government as a result of the above
  • Introduce a Local Sales Tax (LST), replacing VAT, paid directly to County Councils towards their spending budget
  • Reduce the number of quangos on the grounds of a lack of transparency and accountability
  • Replace the cabinet system of local government with the more open and democratic committee system

Constitutional Reform

The Foundation Party is adamant that extensive reform of our political institutions and processes is overdue.

Given that our politics has become so disconnected from so many people, we want to take power and resources away from politicians where they have too much and transfer it to the people instead.

We would:


  • Renew our constitution with a formally written version as a single document so as to bring about proper clarity on how we are governed, as well as to introduce much higher bars to meet in terms of subsequent change
  • Renew our Bill of Rights (1689) with a new version to formalise and expand the rights of British citizens (see Civil Rights)
  • Introduce a voting system of proportional representation in elections where first past the post is currently used in order to better reflect popular support
  • Make all future referendums binding, rather than advisory, so the Government of the day is obligated to implement the result right away whilst immune from disruption tactics from the losing side
  • Automatically trigger a referendum throughout the UK when a petition calling for a referendum collects signatures from at least 5% of the country’s electorate
  • Legislate to scrap tax-payer funded so-called short money given to opposition parties in Parliament, effectively bringing an end to public funding of political parties
  • Restrict the option of a postal vote to those who could not otherwise vote, rather than as an option to all, on the grounds of current widespread abuse

Civil Rights

We want the UK to emulate other nations such as the United States and France by adopting a formal modern-day Bill of Rights that defines the constitutional rights of each British citizen.

Among the rights we would like to see enshrined in the Bill of Rights would be for example:


  • Freedom of Speech – As in the US, we want to grant every citizen the absolute right to the freedom of expression and protest. Among the few exceptions to this would be for example defamation and incitement of unlawful action
  • Protection of Press Freedom – Naturally free speech extends to the press as well as individual citizens
  • All existing Magna Carta rights such as property ownership and right to a fair trial, a the right to immediate release if lawful grounds for detention cannot be shown, colloquially known as habeas corpus

Economy and Finance


The Foundation Party advocates a low tax regime to drive enterprise and growth. We want individuals to keep more of their own money and increase their spending power. This will help to boost the economy by growing businesses, creating jobs and encouraging investment in the UK.

Having high rates of corporate taxation merely drives enterprising companies to devise ways to reduce their tax liability in the UK.

We would strive to fund government spending without increasing borrowing and the national debt. We believe that it is not a moral endeavour to incur debts to be repaid in the future by our children and grandchildren.

We would:

  • Hold the basic rate of tax at 20% and raise the threshold for higher rate tax each year in line with inflation
  • Refuse to set any rate of income tax above 45%
  • Replace VAT with a Local Sales Tax (see Local Government)
  • Abolish inheritance tax since most wealth has already been taxed when it is earned
  • Abolish stamp duty which distorts the housing market
  • Tackle the issue of large tech companies and other multi-national companies paying very low tax in the UK

Small Business

There are around 5.6 million small businesses in the UK, employing over 12.8 million people, producing a turnover of over £1.3 trillion.

This key sector of the economy has a pivotal role in economic growth.

We would:

  • Reduce the burden of taxation, for example business rates
  • Repeal excessive EU derived business regulation and red tape, which often affects small businesses the most, as soon as we have left the EU
  • Scrap the flawed Business Improvement District (BID) programme which generates an extra levy on top of business rates
  • Encourage local authorities to provide at least 1 hour free parking in town centres in order to encourage footfall


The Government is rising the retirement age to 66 by 2020 and 67 by 2028. These changes have affected women the most as prior to 2010 they could retire at 60.

The fact that people are living longer means that the cost of pensions will inexorably rise. We therefore need to look at how pensions will be paid for in the long term.

We would:


  • Introduce a flexible state pension age system which will allow pensioners a degree of choice over the age at which they retire – slightly sooner for a lower pension, or slightly later for a higher pension
  • Maintain the triple lock in its present form
  • Invest in a state-provided pension guidance service and seminar programme in order to advise everybody on their best interests and their savings

Welfare and Disability

The Foundation Party is committed to protecting the rights of disabled people, as set out in Article 19 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

We want to see a welfare system that is fairer, simpler and less open to abuse.


  • We will support carers by increasing the carer’s allowance to match the job seeker’s allowance
  • We will remove any age restrictions on housing benefit
  • We will end welfare tourism with a five year qualifying period for migrants before they can claim benefits
  • We will crack down on benefit fraud

Heritage and Tourism

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Agriculture and Fishing


Farming is vital to Britain, especially now when we have more mouths to feed than ever before. The Foundation Party will help British farmers to secure a vibrant, thriving agricultural sector which will provide a safe, affordable and secure supply of food.

We would:

  • Introduce a Single Farm Payment scheme which will be targeted to support food producers and environmental protection
  • Require the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to ensure timely grant payments to farmers
  • Support dairy farmers by requiring the Competition Commission to allow the creation of larger co-operatives and alliances to counter the power of purchasing cartels. The trade relationships between large retailers and their suppliers need to be rebalanced
  • Ban the export of live animals for slaughter and require that the presumption should be that animals are stunned before slaughter. Exceptions to this should require the highest animal welfare standards to be observed
  • Issue appropriate visas to ensure an adequate supply of seasonal labour
  • Legislate to ensure that animal products are labelled to show the country of origin (not just packaging), method of production and transport and whether the animal was stunned before slaughter plus information concerning hormones and GM products
  • Re-establish the Agricultural Wages Board which would protect the incomes and conditions of farm workers
  • Legislate against the sale of grade one or two agricultural land for residential development (land in existing local plans excluded)


We want Britain to withdraw completely from the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy on the day we leave the EU.

We must take control of the UK’s full 200 mile Exclusive Economic Zone to rebuild our fishing industry and its anciliary industries and rejuvenate our coastal towns.

We would:

  • End the EU’s discard system which forces fishermen to throw overboard as much as 40% of their catch
  • Protect our coastal eco-system by ending destructive industrial fishing practices, for example electric pulse trawling which destroys marine life and pair trawler fishing which is responsible for the slaughter of dolphins
  • Support low impact, small scale fishermen. The majority of the UK fishing fleet is made up of boats under 33 feet long, but they have hitherto been allowed only 4% of the UK quota
  • Issue no permits for foreign trawlers to operate in British waters until fish stocks have returned to sustainable levels
  • Commission new Fishery Protection vessels to police UK waters and protect fish stock and fishing fleets


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